Topology optimization

Topology optimized upright for motorsport. Designed for additive manufacturing.

Topology optimization is the art and science of optimizing material distribution within a given design space to achieve the highest possible performance criteria. At Epic Fibers, we excel in harnessing this powerful technique to revolutionize product design, streamline manufacturing processes, and unlock unprecedented levels of performance and efficiency.

Our team of expert engineers and designers is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible. By seamlessly integrating topology optimization into the design workflow, we empower our clients to create lighter, stronger, and more efficient structures while minimizing material usage and production costs.

How does it work

Define design space

In this stage, all boundary conditions, geometric constraints, materials, and load cases are defined. Additionally, obstacles—such as areas where material cannot be removed in later optimization phases (e.g., holes, bearings)—can also be described at this step.

Run topology optimization

When the topology optimization solver runs, it begins to eliminate all unnecessary material that does not bear loads. In most cases, achieving an even stress distribution is possible. After achieving the desired weight reduction, a final cross-validation is conducted to verify potential failures.

Evaluate results

In the final step, an optimized CAD geometry is created to fulfill manufacturing requirements. Production of complex parts mostly occurs on SLM or DMLS metal printers.

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