Aero and Hydrodynamic Solutions / Composite Design and Manufacturing

Epic Fibers provides comprehensive engineering and manufacturing services for ideas and products where the aerodynamic or factor is crucial and that aim to benefit from the low weight achieved with carbon, aramid, or other plastic composite materials, along with excellent strength, rigidity, and low coefficient of thermal expansion.

Simulation and Product Development

Provision of comprehensive product development services, including high fidelity engineering simulations in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, as well as related material structural stress, thermal, and other analyses.

Learn moreCFD Simulation of a dji mavic drone

Composite Product Manufacturing

Design of the manufacturing process for products primarily made from carbon and aramid fiber-reinforced plastics, including the execution of tooling required for production, and the actual production using the chosen technology.

Learn moreCustom carbon fiber parts for motorsport application.

Additive Manufacturing

3D printing solutions for the manufacturing of specific products and leveraging these technologies to substitute more expensive machining services. Topology optimization for components that demand both minimal weight and maximum rigidity.

Learn moreAdditive manufacturing of plastic parts.