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Welcome to our exclusive range of high-performance products designed to meet the unique needs of small businesses and industry leaders alike. Our portfolio features:

Honeycomb Panels

Experience unmatched strength and lightweight versatility with our carbon fiber honeycomb panels. Ideal for aerospace, automotive, and marine applications, these panels offer exceptional structural integrity and durability.
We work according to customer wishes regarding panel and armoring thickness. We are able to guide you with modern engineering tools through the product selection process when mechanical loadings and the desired strength are indefinite.

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Carbon Fiber Sheets

Our carbon fiber sheets provide superior stiffness and stability for various engineering and manufacturing projects. Perfect for custom fabrications and high-strength applications, these sheets are both reliable and easy to work with.

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Large Cross-Section Tubes

Engineered for maximum performance, our large cross-section carbon fiber tubes are perfect for applications requiring high rigidity and low weight over a long span. Suitable for structural components, construction, and advanced machinery, these tubes ensure optimal efficiency, corrosion resistance, and easy workability. If needed, these beams can be delivered with separate or bonded connectors according to the application.

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