Our mission

When we founded Epic Fibers as a collective of engineers and enthusiasts, our goal was to share the wealth of knowledge we've collected over the past 15 years. Our expertise spans automotive, renewable energy, motorsport, and FMCG sectors, providing us with a unique cross-industry perspective that enables us to swiftly adapt to diverse customer needs. While there are many exceptional companies offering engineering consulting, additive manufacturing, or composite solutions individually, Epic Fibers brings all these capabilities together under one roof.

We offer solutions on various levels, utilizing both open-source and commercially available software packages customized to fit your project budget. Similarly, in carbon fiber manufacturing, we specialize in producing vacuum-infused or prepreg parts for both visible and structural applications, tailored precisely to your needs.

Our mission is to minimize costs without compromising quality or the customer experience. We are proud, that the materials and services we use originate exclusively from the European Economic Area.